The Importance of Replacing Worn Furniture Glides

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When it comes to replacing worn, old and dilapidated flooring there is always a particular cost associated with it being an on-going overhead, especially with the kind of foot fall that certain Businesses such as Hotels and Restaurants may receive in a short period of time.  But what if it didn’t need to be that way? What if you could take the preventative measures to stop the problem at its source?

This is where the importance of replacing worn glides comes in as one of these preventative measures.  Furniture glides if you didn’t already know are regularly used inside a number of hospitality industries to help move furniture across a surface and to prevent it from marking the floor which it is placed on.  It is because of these properties that many Restaurants inside the UK rely on these glides to move their tables ad chairs around before the start of the service to meet their seating requirements for the night.  Not only do these Furniture glides prevent scratching and damaging of flooring they are actually regularly used to reduce the noise that is created when dragging a Chair or piece of Furniture across a hard surface, this is an important factor inside many establishments including Restaurants & Hotels where noisy Furniture could take away from the overall experience.

Why should I replace my worn Furniture Glides?

Worn Glides are one of the most recurrent causes of scratched, damaged and worn flooring/furniture due to their frequent neglect once being fitted.  Because of this it is important to keep up regular wear checks to prevent this from happening, especially in areas that may suffer from heavy usage such as a reception area.  Things to look out for when spotting a worn Furniture glide include a worn base, bent nail insert or a build-up of debris between the piece of Furniture and the Glide.

Once a worn Glide has been diagnosed it is important to find a sufficient replacement relatively quickly to reduce any permanent damage to the piece of furniture or flooring.

There are a number of different replacement Chair & Furniture glide solutions available based on your requirements for your Business or Home, each with a unique set of properties that should be taken into account before the final decision is made.  Properties that should be considered include the type of flooring that the Glide is going to be used with as well as how frequently the piece of Furniture is expected to be moved.

Some of the most popular solutions based on floor type include;

  • Felt Base – Hard Flooring
  • PTFE Base – Hard Flooring
  • Metal Base – Soft Flooring

How important is replacing a worn Glide?

Overall the importance of replacing worn furniture glides comes down to the Business itself and their daily requirements, however there is no doubt that Glides play a major role in reducing the on-going furniture & flooring costs that are regularly endured inside many organisations including Hotels & Restaurants.

On the other hand it is also important to realize the alternate benefits that these Glides offer in terms of noise reduction and ease of movement, allowing you to move heavy furniture across any surface that you require with minimal effort.

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