Choosing banqueting chairs

banqueting chairs

Banqueting chairs are sometimes referred to as wedding chairs, event chairs, conference chairs or stacking chairs.  Just as there are lots of commonly used names for this versatile piece of contract furniture, there are lots of types of venues that frequently make use of them: wedding halls, churches, clubs, banqueting halls, associations, leisure centres, village halls, community centres, film clubs, football clubs and conference centres.

A lot of thought has gone into designing banqueting chairs.  So, for example, they often use softercushions than standard chairs, to help people to remain comfortable when sat for extensive periods of time.  They’re also designed so that they’re able to be stacked, to save floor space when they’re not being used.  In the case of banqueting chairs sold by Mayfair Furniture, they can be stacked 13 chairs high.

There are two main types of banqueting chairs; those made with steel frames and those made from aluminium.

Steel banqueting chairs

These are usually the most cost effective, so no wonder these are often the most popular type.  Strong and robust, they’re built to last.  They are heavier than aluminium banqueting chairs, so if you plan on using them outside, in a marque on a lawn for example, perhaps aluminium chairs would be the best option.

Aluminium banqueting chairs

Aluminium banqueting chairs are ideal if the weight of the chair is important to you.  Steel framed chairs tend to be quite heavy, especially if you have a stack of them that need moving around a venue.  Aluminium is much lighter than steel, but it’s also very strong.

Apart from being lighter, aluminium chairs are rust proof – aluminium doesn’t corrode like steel, a consideration if, for example the chairs are to be used in a location where theres a lot of salt in the air, such as a sea side town.

Features and specifications to look out for

As well as the type of metal used in the chairs frame, there are other things to look out for when choosing banqueting frames.  For example, Mayfair Furniture supply them fully assembled so they’re ready to use straight out of the packaging.  Other things to look out for include;

  • Plastic bumper guards – check if they’re fitted, usually to the legs, as they prevent scratches
  • The strength of the frame used – Mayfai Furniture specify 20mm square, 1.2mm thick iron for steel chairs, and 25mm, 1.8mm thick for aluminium chairs
  • Support brace – preferably placed on either side, for extra strength and durability
  • Plastic feet glides – to protect your floors from being scratched and being scraped
  • Crib 5 – check that the foam and fabric used meets UK fire safety standards

Whichever chairs you choose, make sure they’re contract grade, so they’re built especially for the hospitality trade.  That way they’ll look smart and they’ll be built to last.