Save money with used 5 Star bedroom furniture sets

used hotel furniture

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing hotel, bed and breakfast, or guesthouse bedrooms, you’ve probably started pricing up brand new contract furniture already.  Even average, serviceable bedroom sets can soon add up to a significant amount.  And although contract furniture is generally more durable than domestic furniture, at the lower end of the market, you can’t expect it to last and last, or to be beautiful…. But there is an excellent alternative that offers a blend of both factors.

Instead of purchasing low-mid priced brand new bedroom furniture sets, consider buying a used, complete bedroom set sourced from Mayfair Furniture Clearance Ltd from high end hotels in in the United Kingdom including 5 star hotels.

We recently estimated that to purchase one of the bedroom sets we stock when it was brand new would have set you back in the region of £8,000.00, perhaps £5,000.00 if you were buying in bulk – i.e. a couple of hundred rooms worth of furniture in one transaction.  But we’re able to sell that very same bedroom set for a fraction of that original eye-watering price – just £695.00.  And we sell complete bedroom sets from as little as £399.

Why buy second hand when you can buy new?

To use a car analogy, yes, it’s possible to buy brand new, but low end car for a relatively low amount, but the same amount could get you a high end, quality used luxury car that looks much more impressive, offers a better performance and would offer years of reliable service.  The same goes for used, but high end bedroom furniture sets.

It’s also a convenient way to furnish your hotel – it’s possible to purchase all of the furniture you’d need to revamp a bedroom from one supplier, saving time and hassle, ringing around and travelling to various locations to view it all.  And of course, you’d be making a massive saving on the cost of kitting out an entire bedroom with brand new furniture.

What does a typical bedroom furniture set include?

Taking the ‘Buckingham Complete Bedroom Set’  as an example, you would receive an incredible amount of high-end furniture for your £695 investment:

  • 1 headboard
  • 1 desk / dressing table
  • 1 chair for desk / dressing table
  • 1 coffee table
  • 2 bedside cabinets
  • 1 tub chair
  • 1 pair of luxury long drop contract curtains
  • 1 upholstered luggage rack
  • 1 chest of drawers / TV stand
  • 2 bedside lamps
  • 1 tall standing lamp
  • 1 framed mirror
  • 2 framed pictures

It’s worth noting that all these items represent the very best in quality and craftsmanship, incorporating attention to design that’s characteristic of a prestigious range of furniture that was made with pride to compliment the luxurious surroundings of an upmarket hotel.

What’s the condition like though?

We’re often asked if the items we get from luxury hotels are in a good condition.  They’re generally well looked after and maintained by the hotel and used with care by their discerning, well-healed guests.  We wouldn’t go to all the trouble of staffing costs, haulage, storage and advertising if the quality wasn’t right.

And of course, coming from an upmarket hotel, all the items meet contract furniture standards and Crib 5 Fire safety regulations.

So, why on earth do hotels sell off perfectly good furniture?

A good question this, one I ask myself from time to time.  The answer is, that although the furniture is in excellent (though used) condition, sometimes a high end hotel just feels that it’s time to have a revamp.  Even if the furniture is a design classic, regarded by many to be in a style that can never become dated.